Lurker: The Game (Original Soundtrack)

by Gavin Salkeld



This is a selection of music from a short film produced by the independent horror film production company Screamkings in 2009. There were five films released as part of the Lurker series, one of which was entitled The Game.

The Lurker is an apparently unbeatable character inside some kind of shared-experience virtual reality game. Players don headsets and go into the game as a team to fight off various enemies, with the Lurker being the sort of "boss" character. In The Game, the Lurker breaks out of the confines of his digital domain and starts wreaking havoc in the real world.

For the score, I elected to favor hard electronic sounds for the scenes set within the game, and for the real world sequences I tended to lean towards scoring those with traditional orchestral sounds - the idea being to try and convey this juxtaposition of digital and analogue. Sometimes the electronic sounds "break through" into the orchestral passages once the Lurker is loose upon the world.

The result is a strange blend of drones, dark ambience, 80s-style electronica, choir, and "classic horror movie music" (high strings, tutti hits). I'm not sure it works as effectively as I had hoped, and it goes without saying that this is far from my best work (at the time, I'd only been composing film music for a year or so). Having said that, as part of an ongoing process to remaster, archive and make available my earlier music work, I decided to post the score here. These new mixes are from the original 24-bit multitracks.

As a footnote, around about the same time I scored The Game, I was also commissioned to write the music for a Screamkings trailer, which showcased their forthcoming feature film, Survival Camp (which I went on to write the score for). The trailer features on the Lurker Collection DVD, and the music from it is included on this EP as a bonus track.


released February 18, 2015



all rights reserved